Rhino 8 WIP Feature: Flair

LETS GO! :face_holding_back_tears:

Great news!

Please keep the door open for it to stay in R8 as it is when R8 is released, and then keep on developing it in V9. I think that will be more beneficial for the users.


Pencil sketch is my favorite by far for now.


here are some recent shots from my last fafo sesh with flair-
Much thanks to @jeff for the effort to get this back, on top of his HUGE job working on metal for mac.


The “Da Vinci” style seems to be the one I think everyone is missing out on (understandably since nothing has been documented yet)… The basic premise behind the style is that it uses the background canvas as its primary color source…but that’s it, nothing else. Which means all details will be rendered using the given color at a given pixel within the canvas…and those results will accumulate over repeated “hits” on that pixel. By choosing a “parchment” style background, you can (and will) get results that look very similar to Leonardo da Vinci’s drawings… hence, the style name.

Here’s an example:

There’s also an option to turn off the portions of the background that do not contain any accumulated results (i.e. “Background contents”)…which yields the following:

Also note that those images use another parchment style image for their “paper texture”… Here are the image files I used…



its back in the wip :slight_smile:


Thank you , is there away to adjust the placement of these canvas images?

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Yes, people power :blush:, thanks @theoutside and @jeff, these have the potential to be really useful quick presentation styles :+1:

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please post results and settings you are using,

remember, lighting, display mode, materials, and environment ALL have an effect on flair.

for instance raytrace an image and stop it at like 5 samples… then flair that… cool watercolor effect comes from the noise in the unfinished rayrtace!

notice how it changes when you turn on sun, or turn off skylight (or vice versa) Notice how it changes if you add or remove reflectivity from your materials, notice how your environment changes things…

this is an art supply, or a medium for making images, it’s not a display style or a “renderer” .

When you get an image you like, note how you got there in general terms since the same settings will not necessarily render the same result from model to model or environment to environment.

You will need to explore and experiment.

In my testing that has been very rewarding.


That’s good to hear, I’m excited to get to check it out!

this is great. Thanks.

@theoutside Kyle, any idea when this will be included on the Mac side of the V8 WIP ?

Hi Miles -

As this project is on hold until Rhino 8 is released, any further development, including any macOS UI, will happen in the WIP for Rhino 9.

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Was it a complete conincident? I almost thought Flair has something to do with this NPR render engine called “Flair”

Why not consider a collaboration?


It’s probably based on the same set of libraries. although I think the samples, they are showing look great.

This is purely coincidental…and unfortunate. Probably just another nail in Rhino Flair’s coffin.

There are no 3rd party libraries being used by Rhino Flair, and the name was arrived at in a meeting based on the acronym FLR which stands for “Filtered Layered Rendering” (which describes the overall process for producing the results). The term “Flair” was then adopted based on that, and the movie “Office Space”.

It’s quite odd that the same name was used for something similar, at the same point in time…quite odd indeed.

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We can still call it FLIR like any thermal imaging camera I guess.

The last visual (blueprint style) is really cool for ArchViz


YES!! I agree…

That seat is beaut :ok_hand:

Just realised someone else got there first :joy:

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