Fine tweak the EDGE WIDTHS of display modes

I know I’ve seen this before but cannot find.

How does one adjust the edge width on the surface edge? LOWER than the default 1 ?

If you’re interested please also check out my problem with technical view settings/or any display mode settings posted earlier today.


and/or any help with getting tangent seams/edges into my shaded mode ??

Hi -

The settings for this are in Rhino Options > View > Display Modes > _[your display mode]_ > Objects > Surfaces.
For technical display modes, the setting is in ... > _[your display mode]_ > Objects > Lines.

The only thing that is lower than 1 would be 0 - turning the edges off.

Tangent edges/seams is a property of “regular” display modes and is not found in “technical” display modes.