Display Mode Technical with lines dashed

I don’t know if this is a bug on my machine, but when I use Displaymode “Technical” this is what I get in the layout.

Yet, when I print it, this is what I get.

What I want it to look like is this:

found here… neat dashed lines like in a technical drawing!

What am I missing here?


Hi T - see if in the Print dialog, the print width is being scaled up.


Hi @pascal ,
acutally I don’t think it#s scaled.

@pascal, sorry, do you mean, that I should scale it up?
I also just tried and received teh same result.

Hi Tobias - I get that effect if the line width is scaled up:


@pascal, I see.
I somehow still get that effect when I do not scale it.
To be more specific: When I print it to a pdf I do not get that result.

I am asking myself how comes that I even see dotted lines and not dashed lines in the details and viewports though.

yeah, me too, I cannot get dashed lines in Technical - I need to dig into this.


That woudl be VERY nice.
Acutally a question in this context is. What is the option to establish this kind of display of hidden lines in a custom display mode?

Hi Tobias - Sorry, I do not have any good news for the short term - the dashed line drawing is simply broken in V6 and V7, says the developer. The display modes that do not have Technical at their base do not have this hidden line capability at all, so I am afraid you are stuck. The best I can do for now is make a bug report to get dashes drawing better.

RH-64197 Technical: Make the dashed lines better


Well, then I would be very happy if you’d make a bug report.
How realistic is getting this working? I would not assume that it’s not very realistic because it seems to not be working in V6 as well, right?

Hi Tobias - correct, this has been broken, it seems since V6.


I see. Strange why nobody else complained about that before.
In my eyes this display mode is really, really (I cannot emphasize this enough) good and will mamke my life a lot easier.
As the lines do not have to be dashed (at least right now), but I wanna see the hidden lines in terms to create a drawing out of them. Of course I could use “Make2D”, but this is a bit unsustainable in my eyes (at least for me). The reason for that was discussed a long time ago here: Technical drawings - Is LAYOUT the best way? and I guess maybe even for reasons like that the technical display mode was created by you guys.

What I could live with would be if the hidden lines were continous. Then I would be able to set the color of the hidden lines to something gray-ish and I think that woudl be perfecly fine, as they should simply be printed as continous lines then. (Unless some day I would be able to see them dashed).
Is there any option to change the linetype of hidden lines in Technical DisplayMode by the user?


Hi Tobias - no, I’m afraid that the settings you see for ‘Lines’ in technical based modes are ‘it’, there no more that I know of that would affect what you need.


Okay. :frowning:
If I may ask (hopefully) one last question.
Is there any other way to make hidden lines visible in any way?
This would be a tremendous help, because I do not want to switch to any other software for doing techincal drawings in the future.
It does not even have to be like in a “standard” drawing, but I fear people at least want to see something like hidden lines to have a better orientation. In the worst case I will have to create a lot of clipping planes. But in general I think there a lots of people out there that wish for function liket hat.

Thanks for the help by the way.

You would probably have to use the Make2D command, to create a flat, 2d version of your perspective view curves, and place the results off on the side of your Top viewport.
Then in the layout detail, you could Zoom in on it.
It would not be using the Technical working display mode at all.

@John_Brock, okay.
I have to say though, that using the original and not the 2d-derivate has major advantages. For instance you would not be losing the information and could automate leaders that automatically get blocknames, etc…

Sorry for the stupid question again: so that means there is no display mode that I can see “hidden” lines in except “Techincal”, right?

Correct. It is only a “working display mode”, and uses OpenGL display techniques to create the illusion of a Technical display with object and hidden lines.