Display mode, render - copy, change color and Material (bug ?)

This was possible in older SR’s (Mac - Version)
i am using: Version 7 (7.21.22193.09002, 2022-07-12)

  • do a copy of Display Mode Render
  • change Color and Material to Objects Color

in current version the field / dropdown is inactive.
Any reason for this ?
a bug @pascal ?

thanks for having a look at it

ok it was a bad idea to post this on Friday evening.
@pascal can you please have a look at this - thanks

Checking - thanks.
@Tom_P - this looks incorrect to me; at least, it does not corresond to Rhino for Windows behavior. I assume it is locked out because it is copied from default Rendered which also does not let you change this on either platform, but once copied, it ought to let you play. I guess, for now, (obviously) start with Shaded…
RH-69505 Display modes- copy of rendered is not fully editable



this bug still isn t fixed.
and the youtrack is empty ;-(

you are mentioned in the youtrack.
did you have a time to look at this ?

even if i export the .ini of the display-mode rendered - copy
the reimported .ini does not allow to edit …

did not find the corresponding line in the ini-file that explains this difference:
this is a pure duplicate render and export rendered copy.ini

Rendered copy.ini (7.0 KB)

and this is a older version - where i was still able to change the color and material section

Rendered_layerColor.ini (7.0 KB)


Hi Tom,

I’ve looked at it, yes… Unfortunately bugs are not fixed in a first-come-first-serve order… They are prioritized based on specific criteria. Things like display mode settings glitches (especially ones that only happen on the Mac) tend to get pushed down the list pretty far.

That being said, I will look into this right now, since you’ve got my attention :slight_smile:


(it worked before - so it should not be a to a big deal …) i ’ ll try to figure out when…

everything worked fine in march 2021. I used a layerbased color in an exercise in a classroom…

Hi Tom,

This has been fixed, and will now work correctly in the next WIP.

Thanks for the feedback and patience on this.

Many thanks.
next V7 update
or only in the WIP V8 ?

I’ll see about trying to get it into 7.24

It was marked 8.0 on my list…so that’s where I fixed it…but I see no reason why this can’t go into 7.x


Ok, the fix will also be in 7.24.


THANKS. -tom

RH-69505 is fixed in the latest WIP.