Display mode, render - copy, change color and Material (bug ?)

This was possible in older SR’s (Mac - Version)
i am using: Version 7 (7.21.22193.09002, 2022-07-12)

  • do a copy of Display Mode Render
  • change Color and Material to Objects Color

in current version the field / dropdown is inactive.
Any reason for this ?
a bug @pascal ?

thanks for having a look at it

ok it was a bad idea to post this on Friday evening.
@pascal can you please have a look at this - thanks

Checking - thanks.
@Tom_P - this looks incorrect to me; at least, it does not corresond to Rhino for Windows behavior. I assume it is locked out because it is copied from default Rendered which also does not let you change this on either platform, but once copied, it ought to let you play. I guess, for now, (obviously) start with Shaded…
RH-69505 Display modes- copy of rendered is not fully editable