Surface/mat/render ID Display Mode or renderer in rhino6?

is there any display- or rendermode which displays vray alike surface/render or material id (see pic)
very handy for masking in post/photoshop…

thx in advance,

Not by default but I set up the attached mode that you can import into Options>Display Modes. It uses the layer color.
FlatColor.ini (11.6 KB)


thx so far!
there should be an command like “showZBuffer”.
showSurfaceID or so…

seems it does use the display color… combined with this script its exactly what i was looking for… Random color visualization for patch layout
thanks alot!


Dear Brian,
I can’t seem to get the .ini to install on Rhino 6 for Mac.
Any thoughts?
Have tested other custom display modes and they install OK?

Hi Hugh - we have an open bug report for that issue: apparently importing a display mode from a Windows version does not work on the Mac - RH-49144.