Rhino 6 delete all users display modes

After last update Rhino delete all my users display modes. If i set new, then after restart the PC is again deleted …

Hello - are you on SR13 (Service release) or SR 14 (Service release candidate)? SystemInfo will tell you…


I have SR 14 - SRC

still same problem after new SR. I make new display mode (copy from “rendering” mode, if i make “new” i have not option for shading). After restar Rhino is new mode renamed as “shaded” and setting is away…

Hi - could you run the SystemInfo command and post the result here?

What are all necessary steps to reproduce this?

  • Close all instances of Rhino
  • Start Rhino
  • Go to Rhino Options > View > Display Modes
  • Select Rendered. (note: there is no default “rendering” mode)
  • Click the Copy button

what do you do after that?
Also, are you logged into Windows using a user account that has administration rights?


i am sending system info below.

steps to reproduce:

  • start rhino
  • Tools > option > wiev > display modes
  • select rendered and cklick copy button
  • rename diplay mode
  • set background to solid color - white
  • change edge thickness to 2
  • set lighting metod to default lighting and ambient color do dark grey
  • press OK
  • close rhino

After reopen is this new mode renamed as Shaded.
If is not it hapens after reopen then try open again Option display modes

system_info_26-03-2019.txt (2.4 KB)


after new SRP still not working…:confused:

Anything new?

Hello - so far I cannot reproduce this. My guess is it is a settings file problem…
@JohnM - does this seem likely?


@pascal It sounds like a display mode manager change to me, @jeff have you made any changes lately?

I can’t reproduce it here either…

@Chita can I see screenshots of your display mode settings page before you create the copy, after you create the copy, and then after you’ve closed and reopened Rhino.

This is what I want:


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Hello, sorry for delay, i was out of office.
New point - this problem is only in Czech localization of Rhino. I Was try it in english and it was OK…

Hello - I loaded up the Czech version - so far, if I understand your process, I am not seeing the problem, I’m afraid… Copy the rendered mode, make a change to the copy, close and reopen Rhino - I still have both the original and copied rendered mode - all of this running in Czech - did I do it correctly?

(@wim, fyi…)



below is screen shots from Czech version - firts five is new rhino open and setting of new (copy) display mode. The last 6 is after close and reopen Rhino…

After new open:

Hello - -but… am I correct that my process would show the problem in Czech, for you?


Sorry…Yes, this process make problem…

Hello, i dont know where is problem but rhino still delete my usesrs display modes…:confused:

Hi - I’m afraid that I still don’t completely understand what the problem actually is.
Is your custom display mode deleted or renamed after closing and restarting Rhino?

CC: @jeff


Hi - I’m afraid that “yes” doesn’t answer the "either … or … " question.