Display Mode: Artistic Mode has changed

Hi there,

I recently have been using the artistic display mode to create quick effective renders. This evening while i was using it the results changed out of nowwhere. I have been exporting as pdfs but the results i am getting now are nothing like what they were before. I have played around with the setting for the display mode in Options but cant get back to anything like i had before.

My computer was struggling at times to process the image when i was changing to artistic mode, so maybe there was some automatic system program trip to make it easier on the computer? Im guessing.

Could anyone please advise me on how to remedy this issue? Main thing is the shading is not what i want at allAfter.pdf (927.9 KB) Before.pdf (1.2 MB) After.pdf (927.9 KB) Before.pdf (1.2 MB)

I have attached images of the results i was getting before and what i am getting now

Thanks in advance,


To me it looks like the darker version is using a different gamma setting. Your after looks more like the default setting. If you change the gamma from 2.2 to 1 my guess is that you will get your result as in before.

ok sounds good, how do i do that?

@tadhga next time directly reply or use @ to notify, otherwise it is easy to miss that you replied

this is the setting you need to uncheck (from your images I think you mean arctic mode instead of artistic)

@Gijs Great, thanks so much :slight_smile: