Artistic display mode missing background and shading

I am trying to output some artistic display images of some of my models. But for some reason my artistic display mode is missing the background image and shading that usually comes with this mode. I have it at the default settings. I have included a screenshot of the model in artistic mode, plus the Display mode setting and OpenGL settings. I have seen some people talking about OpenGL as one problem, but honestly I do not know how to work out OpenGL at all.

Any help would be… well helpful. One other note is that I am still using the evaluation version. Mostly just to convert files and… artistic view. My old office had Rhino 5.0, but my new office is yet to upgrade.

Your system isn’t set up properly. You’re still running the Microsoft “setup” driver.
It does not support OpenGL 1.2 and Shader 1.2 needed for those features.

Identify the specific make and model of your graphics card/chip and find current WHQL certified drivers for it. Download and install them.
Assuming you’re running a card/chip that supports Rhino’s minimum graphics requirements, then the feature should start working.

Good luck

Awesome. That totally worked. IT department is something to be desired. Hopefully that improves many things :smile:
Thanks for your quick reply. It is great to know that you guys are always so helpful!