"default lineweight" not displayed correctly in print display

when I have layers set to “Default” in line weight, then they display very thick on screen when print display is on.


so I am not sure how to control this “Default width”

the only setting I am aware of is within the print dialog and there it is set to “hairline” by default.
so logically, it should display as thin as possible. I tried changing this setting from hairline to .13mm with no effect.

This is quite problematic as it forces me to set all layer widths manually.

is there a better control of how “default line” width is displayed on screen in print display?


Hi Daniel - @stevebaer PrintDisplay’s thickness number seems to affect only non-default thicknesses, is that correct? is there a way to control default?


Hi Pascal,

I also noted that when I manually set a weight to something less than 0.13, eg. 0.1 it will display thicker than it should.

Hi Daniel - I see that here as well. Then the Thickness settting in PrintDisplay kicks in -

If Thickness=40 (default) and my line thickness (display mode) is 3 pixels,



I am not really sure how all this is meant to interact, to be honest, I’ll have to corner Steve before I can tell if there is a bug there as well. For now it looks like higher thickness in PrintDisplay gives more leeway in displaying line weights.

@dk2079 - so, we looked at this, Steve set me straight and there is now a bug report for this