Display issues and Open GL

I’ve been having issues with the way things are displaying

  1. Picture frames keep doing this when I orbit, and don’t return to normal. (this is meant to be a Google Maps image)

This is a real pain as the background bitmap is too black and white and low-res to work from.

  1. Occasionally objects aren’t displaying correctly in shaded mode; everything goes very jagged and weird.

I haven’t found anyone with the exact same problem, but there are a lot of forum threads and info pages saying that incorrect OpenGL settings may have something to do with display problems. I went into my options, but I don’t seem to have a section for OpenGL. (here’s a picture proving it:)

Can anybody tell me what’s up? I’m using an evaluation copy of Rhino 5 with Windows 8.1 if that helps.

Options Rhino Options>View>Open GL