Disappearing Curves 08-22

In the 08/22 WIP I’m having an occurrence where most or all of the curves in a model are becoming invisible, reopening the file it’s okay but eventually they ‘vanish.’ This is in all viewports, all view modes.

Also to me

This bug?

No, this is curves failing to be displayed, and just started this WIP.

I can confirm the same behavior.
Please fix this asap!!!

An update: if I switch off GPU tessellation - all lines/curves become visible. When switching On again - curves/lines are hidden again.


Does this happen with all curves or only certain ones? If only certain ones, do you have a sample I can see?

Seems to be all files, though maybe not necessarily all curves?? It seems like if I open the file they’re fine at first, then eventually just go away, maybe even if unattended?

@jeff, do you think this is related to your recent frozen viewports work? I made a recent optimization to the curve drawing cache to represent linear cubics as two point lines, but that wouldn’t effect having curves disappear after a while.

just to add, that curves disappear but they are highlighted when you try to select them.

@stevebaer It could be if their screens are getting turned off or if a screen saver kicks in and then cancelled… We need to find out when the curves are disappearing and what is happening at that time.

Everyone, are you seeing this happen just randomly as you’re working? Or is when you come back to your desk and jiggle the mouse because your screen power timed out and turned off?


@stevebaer Also, I thought I had fixed the problem last Tuesday, but it’s starting to sound like either the fix didn’t make it in the WIP, or the fix didn’t work on all configs. I cannot reproduce the problem with current build of the day, whereas on last Tuesday, I was able to reproduce it regularly. So it would be good to know if anyone here is running daily WIPs, or if they’re all on last Tuesday’s WIP (8/22).


@JimCarruthers @Dmitriy,

Hi guys,

Is it possible to see if the current build works for you? Also, have you read my replies above about screen savers and monitor power cycles?


@jeff, the current public WIP is 6.0.17234.09201, the fix for the monitor power cycle issue is in 6.0.17234.13401.

This is the correct youtrack issue, thanks.

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This just showed up on the 8-22 WIP, and I wouldn’t say I saw it or only saw it related to the monitor going to sleep.

Hi @jeff,
I confirm that current build (22-08) was the first one when lines start to disappear. Before that, (few prev builds) I always got a frozen viewport after monitor was sleeping for a while.

P.S. I am not checking daily WIPs, only main (weekly). Where can I download daily one?


Also me confirm that current build (22-08) was the first one when lines start to disappear. The curves disappear after the monitor has switched off . This behavior always repeats itself, it is not occasional with any file.
Another problem: with raytrace after the monitor goes out just move the mouse the render resumes from scratch.

There’s going to be a new WIP today…so it’s probably pointless to try to get a daily build at this point… Just let me know if today’s WIP (assuming it goes out), still has the problem… If the WIP fails to go out, I will be back here explaining how to get daily builds.


So far the new WIP seems ok.