Display gets jumbled on sr13

I have a 4k monitor and just updated to sr13. after the update I have a strange issue. all of a sudden my icons are much larger. I have no problem with this. everything was working fine as I modeled but when I chose export selected the entire rhino window shrunk down to about 1/2 the screen size. when I clicked the box to bring it back to full screen then everything was jumbled. the menu bars, tool icons, etc. I tried this a couple times and this is totally repeatable. happens every time.

i just found the other thread talking about this issue. i tried the release candidate and that didnt seem to fix anything. i ended up having to do a system restore to get back to sr12 which has worked great. definitely some issues there with 13 concerning screen resolution and the window jumping around in size.

Hi Jim - it looks like we’ll back out the SR13 changes that caused the problem for you.
Had you applied the fix from




pascal, no i never did that fix. i had not made any changes in rhino other than going into the options panel and setting the icon size to large. i thought on a 28" 4k monitor the large icon size was nice.

ahhh using system restore to back out of the install doesnt completely work. i cant import any files. says the plugin is no good and for a different version of rhino. i guess system restore doesnt revert those. pascal if you have a fix where i can have sr13 but leaving the display the way it was that would be super. temporarily ill have to goto my mac and use rhino there.

any update on this display issue with sr13?