Problem with Updates and roll-backs

Sorry to duplicate an issue from this thread: Resolution problem after update but I need help quickly.
Updating to SR14 caused the same display problems that I experienced before, still no fix.
Using system restore to go back to SR13 has left me with multiple problems: Plug-in warnings on startup, no Brazil, no Neon, no materials panel, no ground plane, god knows what else.
What can I do to fix this? Deadlines looming!

OK well, I’ve reinstalled SR14 which seems to be fully functional so I can at least work, only the resolution issue persists…

@cairn , did the _SetDpiAwareness trick work, as described here ?

Thanks, but doesn’t apply to my OS (Windows 7)

Hi Cairn - try

Rhino 64-bit desktop shortcut right-click > Properties > Compatibility > Uncheck “Override high DPI scaling behavior…”



Thanks, but no good.
Going back to SR13 following Brian’s advice:
(Rolling back doesn’t work - you’ll need to uninstall Rhino from Control Panel (including both 32- and 64-bit versions, any language packs, and help media). Then install SR13.)