Display error (7.0.20273.15004, 2020-09-29)

I discovered this when investigating if the issues described here Display issues have been fixed in v7 WIP. They haven’t.

This is really basic.

When making a box, it is not drawn correctly in perspective view. It’s like the drawing of the edges are being clipped partially.

ok, this may be a really dumb question, but do you have a clipping plane enabled?
(sorry, as a tech I have to cross off the super dumb questions 1st)

assuming the answer is no, have you made any modifications to your views?

(check rhinoceros>preferences> display modes then restore defaults.

Hi, no, this was a brand new file. Just opened up to show. Did it a couple of times.

In v7 WIP I’ve not made any modifications to views. But conceivably (you’ll be able to tell me) I guess it might be bringing some settings over from v6?

Try turning GPU Tessellation off in your OpenGL preferences. This feature still doesn’t work all that well on Macs.

Sadly, I can no longer reproduce the problem. Will revisit if / when it reoccurs.