Display bug

I left my machine for a few minutes and came back and this model has a load of weird display errors. What the hell is going on? Is there a way to correct it or do I need to revert to a backup?

Update: I restarted my Mac and it seems to be resolved. Really weird though. I guess it is system related rather than Rhino related. I’ve never seen anything like it though.

Is this an older Mac with an Nvidia display adapter?

There are two Mac graphics driver bugs that I know of that can cause that.

  • this can happen with models that have clipping planes
  • this can happen when tessellation shaders are used

The OpenGL tessellation shaders on Mac never worked all that well. You can disable this feature in the OpenGL preferences for Mac.

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It’s a 16" MacBook Pro with AMD 5500M.

It could have been either of these things. I have turned off the OpenGL tessellation, but can’t really do without the clipping planes. I guess if it happens again, at least I know I just need to restart.

Thanks for the tips.

Unfortunately there is little we can do about this either. I have worked around the bug in a few specific cases, but it is difficult to repeat and fix.