Display-Bug with Blocks after Update

Good Day,
after the Update today I get a Bug which is critical to my workflow.

I work with blocks as Construction-Groups. In this example I have a Roller out of several Parts. The Roller is used several times in the whole Project. This is managed in the Blockmanager (1).

The Parts are constructed as Rhino-Files (2).
In these Rhino-Files, the construction-drawings are created via Layouts (3)

The Building-Groups are created via “insert”, so if i update one Part or one Building Group, all Groups get Updated in the Project. Installation Drawings are created in Layouts in the Rhino-Files of the Building Groups. Until before todays Update all worked fine.

But after the Update, all drawings of the Layouts are shown in the Building groups (3d and 2d), making the Model a Mess. (4) and (5)

If this is no Bug and Intentional, I can not use Rhino as Software for Construction anymore. If this is some Option i can disable, please tell me where. If this is a Bug, please Hotfix this, since this is affecting the whole Construction-Process.

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Good Day,
at an associates workdesk i was able to make 2 screenshots of the same building group without todays update:

So with the older version everything works fine.
Is there any way to “downgrade” my workstation to the version of yesterday?

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Hi Boreas - I am not able to reproduce the issue that you describe but I am not sure what the following means:

all drawings of the Layouts are shown in the Building groups

For starters, could you run the Rhino SystemInfo command and post the result here? Which version is your colleague running? How are you installing updates?

Hey Dekeyser,
attached is my System Info, and 2 files. one part, and one group with drawing.
On my System it looks like in attached pictures, on the older version of my colleague all is fine.

I Install updates, when the Rhino Autoupdate reminds me to update Rhino when i am closing it.

Part.3dm (305.4 KB) Group.3dm (1.1 MB) System_Info.txt (2.0 KB)

To clarify: In the Group, the Drawing-Frames should not appear, since they are only in the Layout. Since the last Update they appear in the Groups.

Due to this, if a project has several hundrets of Parts, each with its own construction drawing, the installation-model of all parts now has several hundret drawings in the 3d model, which should not be there.

And because of that, it is not possible to generate the installation drawings of the group.

A former clean 3D model, looks now like this:

Just for info:
The System info of my colleague, where everything works fine:
System-Info_Old-Patch.txt (1.9 KB)

And the Window, at the colleagues workstation, informing him an Update is ready to installation:

Hi Boreas - Thank you for that information. I can reproduce the issue here and couldn’t find a report that indicates a deliberate introduction of this behavior.

I am now trying to narrow down which changes caused this issue and will then file a report for the developer.

EDIT: now filed as RH-56807

RH-56807 is fixed in the latest Service Release Candidate

Good Day to you,
Thank you all for your fast response.

I can not confirm the bug is fixed.

Please see attached files.

System_Info.txt (2.2 KB)

Hi Boreas - I see that something went wrong here and will try to find out more about it.
FWIW, the fix is in the latest Service Release Candidate on the Mac platform but that doesn’t help you.
For the time being, do you need a link to SR 22 or can you get that from your colleague’s machine?

Hi Wim,
I would like to get a link to downgrade my SR to the last working version if this is possible.
Best Regards,

Hi Boreas - No problem.
That should be SR 21.

RH-56807 is fixed in the latest Service Release Candidate, for real this time.