Blocks and maps in Rhino 7

We are having issue with Blocks and maps (images) in Rhino7. We have multiple files saved as blocks that are linked into a master file. When we update a map in block file that change is not reflected in the master file.
It only is happening in Rhino 7.


Hi Odette - I see that, thanks.


Hi Pascal!
Thank you for a prompt response.
Do you have a solution or a work around for us?
Thank you,

Hi Odette - I don’t have a good idea yet. I am just checking whether this is also a problem in V8.
It is.
RH-78043 Linked blocks do not update textures


Hi Pascal,
I am glad to help in discovering this problem :wink:
however we are still in need for a solution. Any ideas?

Hi Odette - I understand… the problem is, I have not been able to make anything work yet, myself, I’m sorry to say. I will check with the developers to see if there is a better idea, or if there is something I am simply overlooking.


I am guessing here, but you might want to try this workaround I am using for linked blocks.

Different problem(Layers), but maybe it works for your issue as well.

please look at the post below, it is a workaround via grasshopper+Elefront