General Problems with Rhino

Hello all,

I’m an architect and we just did the transition from sketchup to Rhino in the studio where I work. In a lot of aspects I’m super happy with the change specially with the 2d drafting. On the other hand I’m not being able to really grab the program and have a nice workflow.
One of my biggest problems is with blocks, groups and polylines. These seem that after a time stop working and just start to functioning like individual lines. After restarting the computer everything seems to be back to normal but it’s hard and frustrating to depend on these type of solution. So I ask:
Is there a possible cause or solution to my problem.

Thank you all and good work.

Let’s start with the resources Rhino sees when it’s running.

Run the Rhino "SystemInfo’ command (in the Help pull-down menu), and reply with the results.
Hopefully something obvious will stick out and suggest a fix.


You might need to unlearn a bunch of ideologies from the whole sketchup regime :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Definitely a good move though. Rhino way better.