Rhino 6, Inserting blocks include title block

I have gotten a weird error with block instances in Rhino 6.

At our company, we use Rhino to create shop drawings. Often theses are exported from an assembly of block instances. When I drag and drop a 3dm file with a layout into a new rhino file, and insert it, the layout is included in the block. This also happens when a block is created within a file, and then the block is edited to create a layout drawing.

I have version 6 SR22. When I checked on a colleagues machine with build SR21, this error does not occur.

I captured a screenshot of this error and attached it here. I also uploaded an example drawing to recreate the bug.

bug P19-1811_B1.3dm (1.4 MB)

Hello - I believe that is this bug:




Thank you, I reverted to version 21 till the newest release.