Displacement on v-ray 5


what are the advantages and differences of using Displacement and not modeling?

at the time of rendering. is it faster to use modeling?

is there another feature similar to Displacement that can replace it?


Here an example screenshot from some weeks before. Displacement is good for complex structures which can’t be modeled or would need to much time for modeling. A similar feature is to use the Rhino displacement, but which increase the polygon count at the viewport and will cause a higher RAM usage.

And if you don’t need a deformed surface but a deformed look than normal mapping is a good way to go. It’s better than simple bump. Here an example of normal mapped leather.

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use the v-ray displaced:

slows down rendering?

how do i use the displace from the link above?
does not explain in the manual.

is there displace in rhino 7 itself?

this scheme of: Round Edges is much slower to render compared to modeling fillets on objects?

FYI I hardly ever need or use displacement. And if I do I take a well prepared mesh (quadremesh is a good starting point)
And yes it slows down rendering massively, especially light cache.

Edge fillets (using edge texture as bump) on the other hand have no influence on render speed at all

do you know how to teach me how to use Edges to make diplace?

Edges - V-Ray 5 for Rhino - Chaos Help (chaosgroup.com)

So using displacement adds a huge hit to rendering times because it is geometry that’s changed say vs using a bump map. Though a bump map will look strange at the glancing angle but will “look” right facing straight on.

In this area what most people do is start to create multiple texture maps to handle these different aspects…(i.e. Height Maps, Normal Maps, Diffuse, Specular…etc) by using PBR material sets. One example would be to take a look at the materials provided for download from places like Quixel’s Mega Scan https://quixel.com/megascans or Cg Textures https://cc0textures.com/. If you want to make it from scratch then using a software like Substance Designer, Marmoset Toolbag, or even Blender.

Much of this will come down to what do you need to do for the project and how far will you need to take it.

You’re mixing up two things. Edges Tex is not used for displacement in general.

do you know how to refer me to a good quality free asset site?

are there many material assets with quality procedural textures?


Try Textures: All | Texture Haven