Displacement question

Hello everyone,
I am a rhino 5 user and I render with vray.
I find that using vray material displacement for rendering is much more time consuming than actually applying displacement to rhino objects, and then rendering. Not only that, but i can actually visualize the displacement preview in my viewport which really helps in many situations. I often extract the displaced render mesh from rhino objects to use in other softwares or to have it always baked in my model so i don’t have to wait for rhino to recalulate the displacement when changing views etc. So here is my question: is there a way to generate a render mesh in rhino that is view dependent (like i’ve seen done in Blender) and then render the displaced object in vray? The goal is being able to attain a high level of detail of the displacement for the objects in the foreground, while saving polygons for the objects further away from the camera.
Thx for the help!

Hi Lorenzo - no, you’d need to ‘hand tune’ the displacement settings per object yourself.


Thx for the reply Pascal,
I see, but i don’t know of a way to ‘hand tune’ lets say a single mesh object to have a variable polygon density on its different areas. For example a long stone wall that is close to the camera with one end and very far with the other. Is there a way that i’m not aware of? Thanks a lot

No - it would be per object as things are now - closer objects with finer settings… not a very practical solution , just the only one I can think of.


Thanks a lot for your help