Displacement in a weave with karamba

Im trying to measure the displacement in a simple biaxial weave with karamba. I’m not sure if my script for the karamba part is ok (inputs, outputs, check the right thing). Ive set up the supports and weld the mesh, but i’m not sure how to apply the load, how much, and how to get a visual (before/after) and a value of displacement.
Eventually my goal is to compare displacement in 2 types of weaving, so the amount of load doesn’t really matter, as long it’s the same for both tests.

Thank you

Displacement in weaving.gh (68.4 KB)

Hi @caroline.st-hilaire ,

there are few things you should fix in your definition:

  • Flatten the supports and remove duplicate points

  • Set the cross section to be a shell constant

However you can also look into setting up your definition with beams too.

Displacement in weaving-mt.gh (68.9 KB)

Thank you very much for your help!