Discourse all messed up?

I have no idea if I’m typing in the right window, as discourse is looking totally frogged up. Let me see if I can paste a screengrab:

Anyone else seeing this, or is it a local problem?
TIA, Jakob

Yes, it is broken currently. Something on discourse side. I believe the have already been notified.

Yeah, here too, on both computer and iPad/Phone. Tough to find the reply button…

Fingers crossed, it’s looking better now…

Although lots of avatars still missing.

Not really… If I log out, it looks like this:

If I log back in it looks like this:

This is what the message window looks like:

Some icons are missing.

Oh, bad luck. I have just tried logging out and in again and it remained OK. Hopefully nothing more than needing to wait for changes to propagate across internet server caches.

Still have missing avatars though.

Now fixed on my desktop. For some reason my desktop was not affected.

Spoke a bit too fast. Some avatars are not displaying in reduced size in the list of threads.

Also the icons for uploading files, etc are missing.

Now seeing all Avatars and icons.

That’s a relief: @Helvetosaur just wasn’t the same without the moustache…


Yes, looks better now, phew! :sweat_smile:

I had checked on multiple browsers, computers, even on my iphone with wifi disabled to force use of cellular data instead of my comcast connection, saw the same problem everywhere, then looked at it in the browser dev tools, and found a lot of resources were 404 with “x-cache: Error from Cloudfront”

but the site was so messed up I couldn’t (or didn’t have the patience) to see if anyone had already made this thread :laughing: