No search when browsing from iPhone

Title says it all. Can’t find the search icon, the log-in or profile icons.

Based on the recent commits to code that I’ve seen, it looks like the discourse guys have been working on their mobile display quite a bit. Hopefully we’ll see improvements for iPhone in the next release.

FWIW, my Windows phone doesn’t load the discourse at all any more lately and I have given up on that platform completely. Company policy is changing in 25-ish days and I’m looking forward to a new phone…

The mobile design is now stable and available in the latest release of Discourse. Once updated you should have no issues on iOS 6+, Android 4.1+, or Windows Phone 8.

Thanks Jeff. I’ve been looking at with my phone and noticed the recent changes. Just waiting for you guys to roll your version number and I’ll update.

We did increment version already.

Hmm… I see that you are right when I look at the tags on github. However the admin panel still says I’m up to date and I didn’t get an email that says I should update.

@discourse Is there something you would like me to test before updating to see if this is a regression or should I just go ahead an update?

I would go ahead and update. I think we made a minor mistake with
incrementing the version but nothing is wrong with the code.

I just updated discourse, so hopefully your phone will work now

It’s readable again and I’m sending this one from my mobile so that works as well. I’m on win 7 so there are issues but that is to be expected :wink:

Everything is working very well here, including search, on my iPhone.

Great! We just released another update, so give that a shot as well.

And I just updated to your latest release :smile: Looks like the notification of new releases system is working again.

Just did, works great!
But going to and from landscape, I have to pinch and “unpinch” to see the view’s entire width.