Discourse on Android

Just wanted to say thanks for switching from NNTP to this new forum! I’ve found that viewing discourse.mcneel.com works fine on smartphones as well, except threads look a little ‘wide’. Other than that, this is an AWESOME improvement, and I can barely wait for all of the various forums to consolidate here.

There’s even a quick upload for images! (just drag & drop)

Thanks again McNeel!

Great! I know that the guys working on discourse still have plans to improve the experience for people on mobile devices so your android experience should improve over time.


Once you look at it a little more you realize it’s kinda broken, it’s only usable on my Note in landscape orientation, so yeah that’s a bit of an issue.

Reading works ok. I didn’t test much else, so yea, it could use a custom bit of styling in the future. :slight_smile:

I don’t have an android, so it is pretty tough for me to describe the bug to the folks writing discourse. You may want to report this at http://meta.discourse.org/ so they know about it.

Looks like the best topic is at http://meta.discourse.org/t/deliver-support-for-mobile-smartphones-as-soon-as-possible/661/12. Glad to know someone’s thinking about it!

Well, except that “thinking about it” seems to be all that’s going on, and furtively hoping that “the community” will step up and make up a solution, I’m kinda gobsmacked that anyone doing anything online today isn’t making that a bit more of a priority. It’s awkward to read and pretty much impossible to post, even on my ginormous-for-a-phone Note.

Works here on iPhone ok. Not ideal, but it works.