Discourse loses login, changes icon

@sam, @discourse: A couple of days ago I was browsing away with Safari, as I have done since the beginning, starting from the bookmarked “new” category page with remembered login. I select a topic , it comes up for reading, I read it, then swipe left to return to the “new” page. For the first time ever on one of these left-swipes it very briefly showed the “new” page then switched to the default not-logged-in page. I didn’t recognize the page and didn’t pick up on not being logged in. I exited Safari and and brought it up again; still on not-logged-in page. I started picking topics to read from that page and finally saw the “Thanks for browsing - why not open an account” message at the bottom of one and realized (finally!) what was going on. I have no way of knowing whether it was the fault of discourse or Safari; I am only sure I didn’t inadvertently log out because it’s impossible to do so AFAIK just by swiping the screen.

I logged back in and my bookmark link to McNeel/new did it’s normal thing WITH ONE EXCEPTION: my discourse Gravitar icon changed from the block “A” like Andrew’s

https://discourse.mcneel.com/users/andrew_nowicki except in a blue-green circle, to one of Gtavtar’s random auto-generated blocky things.

I’d like to know what I need to do to get back my old icon.

Any thoughts about how I lost my remembered auto-login would be appreciated as well. I can’t even see on any of the category pages (new, unread, etc) or topic pages how to logout if you wanted to.

Looks to me like you created a dupe account, these are 2 accounts with different emails

Drat! I don’t know how. I really only have one email account. Let me do some checking.