Disappearing contents of a detail view in layout

This has happend third time to me today.

I am working in layout with multiple detail views. Sometimes suddenly when i pan away contents of a detail view go missing and its impossible to restore because no command has been called. Undo doesnot work. It happens when i hold right mouse button and move the screen and suddenly it dissapears.
It is annoying and i cant think of a cause.

Hi Ivan -

If the detail is active, a RMB move will pan the contents of the detail and geometry is likely to disappear. That sounds like normal behavior.

What about UndoView?

Thanks. I will try undoview when it happens next time. I am pretty sure my views were not active when it happened though.

pretty odd,

i opened the file did some work on the layout and again suddenly one detail view went missing even though i did not even open it. i have to figure out which action causes this …

and again.
now i know exactly what i did.

i just scrolled out of the detail window which was not activated at all.
so just scrolling out in layout made the contents dissapear.

this is so strange and frustrating because there is no easy way to restore the view and layers state

Undoview does not help nor undo. No action was needed just mouse and its wheel.

3D_model_SO_043312_vystuz.3dm (6.6 MB)

this is the file right after it dissapeared. try to go to layout and inspect the detail view compared to others which are the same in terms of view, maybe by finding out in what view missing detail view is at it will tell more whats going on.

Now also my dimensions want to update and then dissapear. How can i break history on them so they stay as they are?

Why is this happening to me just few days before deadline? I would have never thought of such impossible thing.

*found a post about it and solved the breaking part

I think i will just lock my detail views and see if it happens even when they are locked. In that case i will yell and scream :smiley:

Hello - your objects are quite far from the origin - less than a million units but still pretty large numbers - and there are three text objects right near the world origin - my guess of the moment is this is making the extents of the scene large enough to mess with the display - I’ll poke at it some more.

I found this: If I delete the text near the world origin, I can zoom extents in that top left detail then set the view scale 1:0.1 as in the other details and it looks right - almost: one dimension goes haywire, I am not sure what that is about but I will get it on the bug list.
RH-66493 Dimension update glitch
Does that help you at all?


My solution so far is to lock those views. Maybe during an hour of work i did not encounter this issue when detail views were locked. I will tell if it keeps happening even with locked views.

In my other model there were no objects close to origin and it happened even in that other model. So it may be related to far from origin but it is probably not connected to objects which are close to 0.

Right now i know it always happened when detail views were not active and there was no other action than panning and scrolling in layout, so basically no manipulation of any objects. So since just scrolling mouse wheel can trigger this this will definitely be very exotic type of bug. I have ruled out Single-event upset - Wikipedia so far since it repeated more times in a day. I am not that lucky.

RH-66493 is fixed in Rhino 7 Service Release 14

‘Home’ is a nice shotcut for this.