Drawing in detail gone

Hi there
I’m fairly new with Rhino, so please bear with me :slight_smile:
I have an urgent problem, which I hope will not destroy my whole workflow.

So I made a layout and suddenly my whole drawing is gone, it’s just empty, but the frame is still there.
The problem is, that I already rendered the plan in photoshop and now there again final changes to the project. Normally i lock the view in layouts, so i can export the layout again, and all the lines will be extactly the same everytime.

Why could it be, that the layout is “empty”?

Thanks for any input

Hello- is the model itself still intact in the modeling windows? Are any of the layers set to be hidden in that detail?


may help.


No all layers are visable and the model is ok. The rest of the file is totally fine :slight_smile:

ShowInDetail actually doesnt work. It says: Must have a detail viewport active to run this command
The ShowLayersInDetail works, but after selecting a layer, nothing changes.

Double click inside the Detail in question to make it active, then run ShowInDetail, and maybe look at your Layers dialog to see if any Layers are turned off in the active Detail.

It says : no hidden objects.
No, nothing changes in the layers.

So i made a new layout, just to check if that one works, and it does, but i guess i would not be able to find the exact right spot, where i had it before…

Maybe send us the file so we can look at it?

i really appreciate your efforts! But i’m afraid I’m not allowed.
But to conclude, there is no known issue regarding my problem?

Hello- my guess is that you may have accidentally moved the view - just how is hard to say though. Note you can send confidential files via tech@mcneel.com , with a link back here in your comments.

You can make a box or something where the objects you want to see in the detail are located, delete the actual contents of your scene and send that.


There are a host of different reasons this could happen.
Without a specific file, we’re just guessing without complete information.