Layouts autopan and no undo, please fix

Hi guys, (@wim :wink: )
If I make a Layout with a detail and then “enter” the detail and select something that is slightly beyond the detail edge, then Rhino PANS the detail, causing it to no longer be as I wanted. And if I exit the detail and go back in then I can not undo the pan.

So please fix it so it doesn’t autopan and also so the change can be undone after it is closed.

This is important since I can not easily realign the detail to the annotations done on top IF their history is broken, or if I have made custom annotations and text on top of the detail in the layout.

Thanks for listening.

Hi Jorgen - locking the detail will block this behavior (and all view changes) - does that work for you?


That works for me 90% of the times… when I REMEMBER to lock it… :wink:
The problem arises when I forget and quickly closes the detail, and that’s when I would need to undo it.

(To fix that I have to move the detail and then turn on controlpoints and edit the boundry. Tedious when in a hurry :wink: )

Hi Jorgen - you’d need to adjust the detail after making it and before locking it, right?


Hei Jørgen - FWIW, I’m not seeing any autopanning when selecting an object that is slightly outside a detail. Also, hitting the Home button after a view change in a detail restores the previous view in my simple tests here. What am I doing wrong?

Use Undoview when that happens like Wim says. It works when it does. And it does most of the time. :wink:

Hi Wim - if you make a detail active and start a window selection, the view starts to pan as your window hits the edge of the detail (or viewport in model space) . So you can fully window around an object this is not fully in view when you start.
I see UndoView works sometimes… pretty well today so far, not at all yesterday…


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Thanks for looking into it.
I guess my top priority wish would be for UndoView to still work when I go back into the detail.

Jørgen, so far I haven’t had any luck in getting UndoView to not work. If you notice a workflow that allows us to reproduce this, please let us know. I’ll continue testing whenever I can as well.