Disable warning dialog when export step file


Is there any easy way to disable the warning pop-up that sometimes appears
when you want to export in step file format?

I use rs.Command(‘-_Export “{}” _Enter _Enter’.format(“file_path\{}.stp”).format(idx))
I use this command in for loop. But sometimes stop like the picture.
I want to run without stopping.

Thanks in advance.

Can you translate the warning message?

step export warning
step export does not support nonmanifold objects.
A single nonmanifold object was exported as a set of unbound surfaces.

Are you using my procedure to union the objects or what else are you doing?

Hmm, I’m not sure that warning can be automatically bypassed if a non-manifold object is encountered - it might be hard-coded. In the export script, you might need to look for non-manifold structures before exporting and if one is found to either skip it, or explode it and export as a collection of individual surfaces.

I use your solution Shortening all segments by a tiny bit .
However, the boolean union is done in Rhino after baking.

It would be interesting to see what’s wrong with your current definition. Please post a Grasshopper file and a Rhino file with the result you’re trying to export as step