Disable double click to set current layer

I’ve been noticing that when I’m working with a file I barely change the ‘current’ layer, but do edit layer names a lot.

Both can be achieved by double-click a layer, but at different speeds. Seeing how I barely change the ‘current’ layer on purpose, I would like to know if I am able to disable this hotkey, and in case I need to change it, I will just use the right mouse menu to change it.



Yes, I really hate this functionality (have since it was added in, what, V3?) and would also like a way to turn it off… even a top-secret registry hack would be great…


Fast double-click: set current layer
Two click: “Click - any period longer double-click period - Click”: rename layer.

The intermittent period can be as long as you like, up to multiple seconds or longer.

So, three ways to tune this is to

  1. get used to using a long waiting period between two clicks to change names
  2. set the double-click speed in Mouse Control Panel of windows to Fast. Your double-clicks will become shorter, so the two-click will be favoured over double-click earlier.
  3. set HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Mouse\DoubleClickSpeed to 50. This will make it virtually impossible to make a double click. Anywhere. In Windows.

Hello @menno

These are of course no solutions.

  1. this costs a lot of time per year, say hours?
  2. Already did this, does not help
  3. It is only a problem in Rhino, other files/software still will work.

None of the above are acceptable…


i got used to this hickup too and found that right clicking a layer and immediately pressing r-key will surpass the menu and lets me enter a new layername. Maybe this helps to speed things up.


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That is at least some form of tip yes, since my left hand is already on the keyboard whether I would paste or type a new name pressing ‘r’ is always within reach.

Thanks for the tip.

(Still would like to be able to disable the double click too though)

Well, take it up with McNeel then.

This is the forum of McNeel correct? Exactly the reason for posting here.

I think that by posting it here, I have… :smile:


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I suppose it is pretty standard windows behavior: single click to select, normal double click to open/activate, and slow double click to change name. In the spirit of pretty standard windows behavior, the secret key to rename (i.e. act as a slow double click) is the F2 key.

That said, I have nothing against a wish to disable activating a layer by double clicking it… Heave it on the pile… [but do not implement this until after the options dialog box is made resizable! /grrr:>]

This is standard Windows behavior. It works just the same as Windows Explorer. I think If we change it, we will get pushback from people who like to set the current layer with a double-click. As Wim says, click + F2 gets you rename every time.

I’m not asking you to change the defaults, just an >option< to disable it.

So far the rightmouse-R is the most streamlined way to edit right now. F2 key will require to move my hand from the default-typing area.

I might have changed my default layer a couple times last year but it was certainly by accident. Irritating when it happens, but it’s a small thing. I just do everything on the default layer and have custom buttons to move them onto my layers.

I’ll tell you what is really agonizing though. It’s accidentally opening a block by double clicking on it. I’d rather have some other way to open them.


That also hurts, but if you’re working a lot with layers even the changing the default layer by accident can be time consuming.

The point you make about the block opening double-click is also quite a hassle.