Active Layer not visible enough

currently you have to squint your eyes pretty hard to find the active layer…

i would suggest a slight maybe coloful background shading of the active layer.

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I agree in dark mode this is more difficult to see. You don’t use the active layer :heavy_check_mark: checkmark?

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i disabled that to save place as it was suggested since double clicking now activates the layer which i kind of find useful, despite that renaming does not work with double click anymore but ok its complex :smiley:

to be sure, a slow double click edits the name, like in Finder

you can also see the current layer by the fact that it has no :bulb:

yup… awful, there was a recent topic discussing this. it is inconvenient having to wait. if i have to rename a bunch i get around now by click and hitting enter straight away which works the same in finder, which is similar fast as double click, only that one arm has to be moved a bit more but since both are used for typing it is kind of acceptable, logistically.

yes true… but it would still be better to have something similar to selecting a layer

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or left click then right click seems to work as well.

I think that is only going to make things more confusing if there are two highlights. < regarding that, I see a bug on Mac that the highlight doesn’t ‘stick’ when clicking outside the layer panel

Basically you are modifying the intended UI and then ask to enhance your modified state, why not just use the checkmark?
That being said: I added your vote to RH-43056 01 - LAYER HIGHLIGHT


that involves having to wait as far as i can see, but that throws up a good idea, double clicking with the right button could be an option worth considering?

i understand, still a slight differentiation could work. a very subtle faded blue (or what color ever was set in the UI) or a different faded color, or leave it up to the user to adjust.

or something like this maybe?

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What about underlined?

I’ve added a comment to RH-43056

This will have to be looked at together with other layer coding issues on the list (e.g. RH-43252 and linked items).

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that is pretty wonky in general, after a longer session double click does not work either. and also slow clicking to rename does not work.

i am not sure how to understand that, are you describing my request as modification or are you referring to something else?

the checkmark unfortunately takes away from the width, since it already is pretty cramped there adding an entire unusable row is really something i would like to avoid. this or i stretch out the entire right side, which then takes even more place away from the working canvas (viewport)

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