Disable Automatic Update Check for Rhino 5 MAC

Is there a way to disable update check on the Mac version presently?

Reason - in a public lab edu environment users are typically not admins and, in our case, the Macs are “frozen” via Deep Freeze and managed via other means as well. In other words, users can not perform updates. Under this scenario constant update notification becomes a nuisance and hindrance. There are corporate scenarios too in which IT will push updates, etc.

Need the option to toggle update check off. Thanks

Bump…may we get some input on this please? Email to tech over a week ago went unanswered as well.

We don’t see a switch in the UI, so our hope is that there is a command under the hood to turn off update check, and if so we can bake such into our master image before deployment.

Or - are we SOL for now?


@dan, @marlin, is this possible?

We’re working on it.

Thank you Dale, Dan, and Scott. Sorry to be snoot. Have the ‘train’ barreling down the track for show time.

Starting with the next RhinoWIP and Rhinoceros 5.1, you can use the following command in Terminal to stop automatic update checks:

defaults write com.mcneel.rhinoceros MRDisableCheckForUpdates -bool YES

This is very helpful, thanks!

Is a 5.1 release time frame available?

Just need to decide if it is worth sitting on my hands waiting (if imminent) or deploy a building with 5.0.2.

Is your time-frame months or weeks? I guess I wouldn’t “sit on my hands” waiting on 5.1 as its release is contingent on RhinoCommon Plugin SDK related features (ie: not this feature).

@marlin Should we roll out another RhinoWIP with this fix?

Thanks for asking. We’re in the process of deploying 5.0.2 onto 125 lab Macs in one building this week. Can’t deploy a WIP. It is what it is, we’ll survive.

It’s great to have Rhino on these Macs. The Mac users are excited. Keep up the good work!

Is this still the recommend procedure to disable update check in 5.2? Thanks!