Disable Automatic Update Check for Rhino 5

Our office would like to bypass the automatic update check/prompt when closing Rhino. We’d prefer that individual employees not update their installations of Rhino prior to IT re-packaging the office-wide updated installer - otherwise we run into version inconsistencies when collaborating on documents.

In Rhino 4 there was the command TestDisableCheckForUpdates but this does not appear to exist in Rhino 5.

If anyone could drop some knowledge on me here it would be much appreciated!


Continuing the discussion from Slow start of Rhino: McNeelUpdateClient:

Rhino Options - Updates and Statistics
Remove the check at the top of the page that enables updates.
Then you’ll need to check on your own from time to time.

And what would the best, most efficient and easily remembered way to do this be?

Turning the checkbox back on :smile:

Brian makes posts on this forum when he releases new SRs

Haha. Mine would always be enabled and then I would repackage the office-wide installer for critical (or at least what I determine to be critical) updates.

So if IT wants to use a macro within the start-up script to disable the auto update check, they could use:
’_OptionsPage _UpdatesAndStatistics but is there a way to toggle a check box via macro?

Thanks you guys rock!

We would like to suppress the update check on all computers, since users do not have admin rights. Is there a setting or config file we can distribute through group policy? I would hate to have to change this setting manually on every single computer.

I cannot check right now (I do not have admin rights on this one) but I think this setting is in the registry somewhere under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\McNeel\Rhinoceros\5.0\Scheme: Default\Options\

But you could of course send out an eMail asking the users to turn that off. If did chose not to obey your orders, they just end up with having to click ‘Later’ on the “update now?” dialog.

My fundamental question, though, is WHY? Why are you not updating to SR 11?

In an enterprise setting you have a complex set of software dependencies you are distributing to the user (custom tools, 3rd party plug-ins, etc.) so controlling the versions of all interdependent assets ensures that all designers in the company can collaborate without technical issues.

Would updating to the latest Rhino SR really harm anything? Probably not - but as a general rule I understand needing to have control over when users in a company update.

I agree with that general rule. it’s just that it’s been quite some time now since SR 11 was released. . .
For me, SR 10 introduced a bug that made it rather unbearable to use it at all. I waited a rather long time with requesting IT to roll out 11 while testing 11 on another PC to make sure that nothing bad was introduced here. But still, all that is a ways off in the past now.

We have already updated our versions to SR11, so that’s not an issue. (not really sure how that came up!) I’d like to suppress the update prompt for the users, since they are unable to install the updates on their own. Telling 800 people to do this on their own is nearly impossible, so we would like to be able to suppress this through group policy.
I found a setting here: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\McNeel\Rhinoceros\5.0\Global Options\Check For Updates, but not really sure how to set this. Switching the check box on and off in the options doesn’t affect the reg value.