Disable all RIR Components & Auto Changing all RIR Tacking Options


Wondering if it was possible to have…

A Component that could

  • Disable all just RIR components in a script
  • Changing All RIR components tracking options

Thanks :slight_smile:

I’m not sure what are you trying to achieve, but you can use a combination of ‘Trigger’ and ‘Release Element’ component like this.

The creation components will be disabled until you trigger allowing you do run the rest of the definition without updating the Revit document.
Every time you Trigger it will update, one you want to stop updating you can click on Release.
Next time you run the definition it will create new elements.

I was hoping for these 2 components to be used in a RIR template.
So, you wouldn’t need to manually add triggers & releases.

It’s a lot of Manual work to find all RIR components &
Set them all to

  • Disable Tracking
  • Disable Components

Example of a Typical Script to find all RIR components.