Can't delete Revit element due to RIR element tracking


I’ve noticed some strange behaviour with RIR element tracking and I’m wondering if this is deliberate or not.

Issue 1: Once elements have been created with tracking enabled, I am unable to delete the component in Grasshopper. The only way the component could be deleted is if I first disable tracking, then delete it. Is this intended behaviour?

Issue 2: Creating a 3D view with RIR somehow pins the view. It isn’t locked, it is pinned. Never seen this issue before. It I try to delete the view from the Project Browser I get the following error:

Pinned objects were not deleted. To delete them, unpin them before using delete.

After a quick Google search I found a workaround but it is quite a pain.

I note that there is a new icon in RIR called ‘Release elements’. Pressing this allows me to then delete the view. But I find this really problematic. What if someone else doesn’t have RIR installed? There is no prompt to notify the user that the element is locked due to RIR.

Is there some better way of handling this?

Issue 1: If the Grasshopper script is active it will recreate the Element, even if released. This would need to be taken into account upstream in the GH definition.

For example: If i created 100 walls by curve and I decided i didn’t want wall 94 I can’t release the wall in Revit and not have it recreated. The definition would need to be modified.

Issue 2: I agree this should be unpinned by default.

Hi @parametricmonkey1,

The second is a bug and is fixed now in v1.1

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About the Issue 1:

You are deleting a component that created a View, and deleting the last open view is not allowed, because it would cause Revit to Close the document.

I fixed the error message in that case.