Element tracking with data dams


I have a scenario where I’ve set up some data dams at various points in a (Ladybug) script. At the end of the script, I’m creating various elements in Revit. The problem is, when I disable one of the toggles, data no longer flows through, and therefore the Revit elements are deleted.

Is there an element tracking setting that will prevent this from happening?

I want to control the flow of data, but not to have the revit elements deleted.

Hi Paul,

That seems like a good candidate for an external GH calculation and transfer of data. Something like Hops or Data Output/Data Input.

Not really sure how that helps. Either data is going into the RIR component or it isn’t. And if it isn’t, the Revit elements will be deleted.

I’m not sure if there is even a solution, apart from disabling tracking all together. I just through I would ask the question to see if there is something I was missing.

I have just had the same issue happen on a project.

A GH RIR script was run without the Rhino File open.

So the elements were lost inside of Revit. Then the project was synced so the run script could not be undone.

So we had to rerun the script with the Rhino file open. Great we have elements back but we had to retag/dimension & check the drawings with elements.

Hi @parametricmonkey1,

Does it help if you apply a Trigger component to all those RiR components you want to run manually?

A more specific case would help.