Pin/ unpin & Disable solver & Recompute


We’ve been using RhinoInside now for a few weeks and I think its absolutely brilliant. It’s like a new door has been opened into a new world!

However there are times when I feel like I’m not 100% in control wrt to the creation of Revit elements and I end up with a warning message such as:


My question is what would be the recommended procedure to create elements and then ensure they are not re-created again?

  1. Set up GH script
  2. Compute script
  3. Unpin Revit elements in Revit
  4. Disable components in GH


Also, if at a later stage the setting out as changed and I need to re-run the script what would be the recommended procedure ?

  1. Pin elements in Revit (to re-establish the connection to GH)
  2. Recompute


Any help would be very much appreciated.

Many thanks,


Stephan, i usually keep the components disabled, so that when opening the file it doesn’t create objects. I also will have one that is unused, to ensure elements are not accidently replaced. If i need to redo the creation i will select by a param assigned or stored element ID’s and delete the old, then copy the unused and run again from the fresh component.

We are working on binding elements to the components do the duplicates will be avoided. At this point @Rickson has the best workflow.