Invalid Dimension Error When Updating Direct Shapes From Rhino

Hi Everyone,

I’m getting an error when updating direct shape geometry from rhino to revit.

I’m guessing revit is generating this error because some of the dimensions will be modified with the updated geometry. Is there a way to prevent the operation from being aborted? Should the revit dialogue pop up to give me the option whether I would like to delete the affected dimensions?

If I disable and enable the component that is referencing the rhino geometry it works correctly but all the dimensions are lost.

In short I’m trying to develop the facade of the building in Rhino without losing dimensions in revit whenever I make a change.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I would like to know more about the process you are trying to do with the direct shapes. It’s working to this level, but i could see some processes having issues.

Direct Shape Dimensions

I agree that the option to delete or throw a warning and elementID so we can get to the offending element is desired. Edit: in this case deleting the one ID solved this issue. Having multiple would be problematic.

Ok, I’ve looked at the file you’ve sent to tech support and I can see how this is an issue.

If we change the face count in a previously solid brep > direct shape workflow its going to lose that reference, as expected.

What we need it to do is at least complete the transaction, leaving the dimensions on unchanged elements.

That would be great. Thanks Japhy!

ps. how do you get the names of the components to display above in grashopper? is it bifocals? It looks so much nicer than the typical callouts. Also what do you use to do animated GIF screen captures?’


I don’t have an easy answer at the moment that will keep your dimensions. I will let you know as soon as i do.

the gif was made with gifcam.exe


Ok, here’s what we can do for the moment.

Delete this Dimension. Go to the manage tab, select by ID and type in 951826, then delete.

This is a dimension string on sheet A102, if you are on the page when selecting by ID you will see it.

Thanks Japhy! Much appreciated

Hi Japhy,

I’m getting a similar error again.

In this case I was simply moving a couple breps, no modification to # of faces or size.

These types of errors are fairly routine when working in Revit, is there any way to make the usual dialogue box pop up so we can delete dimensions and allow the intended action to take place?

I can set the tracking mode to replace, but then I lose all the dimensions.

Can you send your files again and indicate the area you’re moving?