Diplacement PBR Thickness

Following on the other displacement issue (Displacement texture distance unexpected behaviour), I continued to play with the settings and found that on adding thickness as a surface works as expected:

However, when you want it as solid it goes a bit crazy.


Solids will have unwelded edges. This means displacement across such features will tear, as there is no geometry connecting the edges.

So that would only happen with PBR materials with displacement? all other materials will display the solid?

However, thinking about it, tit is still strange. The thickness appears to work with solids unticked. but when it is ticked the lower surface totally mirrors. That must be unexpected.

Ah, I thought you just had a reflective plane there.

I am not able to reproduce this behavior when I create a file from scratch. I’m probably not taking the same steps as you.

thickness on, set to 1.0. None of the checkboxes ticked. Pbr material with displacement at strength 1.0 in a mm model.

Note, this is with my fix for https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-60920 already in, but that is for Raytraced only.

Could you please attach the file in which you have this problem?