Dimetric Projection

Rhino seems to support isometric projection only. Is there a way to achieve dimetric or oblique projection?

Following a recent similar question on this forum, I created a plug-in for axonometric and oblique views. It was very recently published on Food4Rhino: http://www.food4rhino.com/project/axonometric-and-oblique-views

It is freely downloadable.

I’m not sure exactly what you mean by dimetric projection. If you could point me to some math that explains it, I can try and see that this also ends up in the plug-in.

Thanks for your reply.

I have tried your plugin. It seems to have installed fine and shows in my plugin manager, but how do I choose oblique or axonometric projection when I’m in the top viewport? I clicked the dropdown menu next to “top” > set view > … here you would find “isonometric” … and I thought this is where you had put the two new projections but I can’t find them?

In the wikipedia article I linked there’s this image showing dimetric projection: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/4/41/Graphical_projection_comparison.png

The angles are 105° 105° 150°. Would it be possible for you to add this? I’m sure your plugin works, I just can’t figure out where to actually set the projections it offers. Thanks for your assistance!

There are four commands:

  • Axonometric - this will enable/disable axonometric view transformation in the Top viewport. Geometry is not changed, only viewed in axonometric way.
  • Oblique - this will enable/disable oblique transformation in the Top viewport. Geometry is not changed, only viewed in oblique way
  • MakeAxonometric - select geometry to change to axonometric
  • MakeOblique - select geometry to change to oblique.

Hope that helps :smile:


Okay I’ve removed your plugin again, sorry. I need something that will actually modify the camera and how things are displayed.

The usage of the plugin is too unintuitive. I can’t seem to undo the projection. Anyway, I assume this means dimetric projection is impossible in Rhino.

Ok, too bad it does not work for you. You say you can’t undo the projection - The Axonometric command has an option “Enabled”. Switch this to yes/no to enable or disable the projection.

I do not agree that it does not modify how things are displayed. It does modify how things are displayed, and uses the same method as outlined here

That is, a rotation followed by shearing transformation.

Hi Menno.

I appreciate this is an old discussion but I was wondering with your plugin if it’s possible to get Make2D working, or saving as an illustrator file/vector pdf?

I have had a play with it and managed to print as a raster however there are clipping issues, plus outcutting to scale in a vector format is far preferable.



No, I’m afraid that is not how it works.