Dimensions on VA objects in layout space

Hello! Just to be sure:
Got a layout with some Detail views in it. The details are not activated, and I apply some dimensions to objects, directly in layout space (on top of the Details).
Now, when I move the Detail view -
The Dimemsions will ‘follow’ the Detail view (in other words stay connected to the objects inside the Detail), but only when the objects were standard Rhino ones (even blocks). They will NOT follow when drawn onto VisualArq objects.
That’s what I’m seeing. Is this a known issue, or am I doing something wrong?
Best regards

Hi Eugen, that’s a known issue. Associative dimensions don’t work with VA geometry, unfortunately. That’s planned for future VisualARQ versions.

I see, thanks!
I’ve been asked this by a colleague actually. I rarely use dimensioning in Rhino - Revit is the way to go if it comes to that.
Which is a pity, really, and I’d love to see McNeel/Asuni push hard for better layout tools, but at the time being, it’s no wonder people (and our office, too) use Revit for documentation.
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