Dimensions fail to snap

Usually, no problem, but sometimes, snap dimension to point won’t work.
I was making a 2d drawing of a 3d sink. Could not dimension the drilled hole in the flange.
Tried hovering all around, a lot.
So I used a vertical plane and ‘curve from two sets’ to get a section.
But still, the dimension will grab the first point, but none of the others.
I tried, project, and smarttrack, and going into the layout view, even exploding the polyline and re-joining.
But no luck. V7, and I love it, my favorite program. Any ideas? Thanks.


try with smartTrack on, you should be able to select the curve under the rounded corner of your sink, as where you want to snap the point, is nothing, because its been rounded.

Thanks Ben, but I did all that. Five years in a row, it works.
This time, nothing. I can snap to the one point; all others in that viewport, not.
The edge of the viewport, sure, but that’s not what I wanted.LOL

I even tried drawing a line over the line, in the paper space, but still, only one snap point.

Hi Rob -

Can you post a (simplified) 3dm file that we can look at?

test.3dm (208.8 KB)
I finally drew lines from the one working point, offset them the distances I already knew, dimensioned them, and erased them.
On this sweetened condensed version, I can snap to previous dimensions, and the top and middle of the left vertical edge.
Your attention is appreciated.

Hi Rob -

Thanks for that. I see that Rhino 7 has problems snapping to curves that are on the same plane as a clipping plane in a clipped view. This works as expected in Rhino 8. Also in Rhino 8, you can snap to the section that is created by the clipping plane. You no longer need to create extra geometry as you did in Rhino 7.
I understand it’s a sweetened condensed version - it doesn’t look like those views need to be clipped?

“same plane as a clipping plane in a clipped view” is probably the deal breaker, and something that I only occasionally stumbled into.
Let’s call that solved, and I eagerly anticipate upgrading to V8!

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