Continue drawing where i started to draw and not super far away?

anytime i start a polyline or curve it will then snap to a point that has no relationship whatsoever to what i am doing. in my old rhino setup it didnt do this because at some point in time i had figured it out and set it the way i like, but not its snapping into another dimmension and i have to switch views and scale all the time and well… time consuming.

what is the magic checkbox im looking for? can anyone help me?

thankyou for your time!

Do you have Grid Snap active?

thanks, but no, its not activated

OK, I’m not sure what “snapping into another dimension” really means - is it snapping to something? You don’t have Project on or anything?

Maybe you can do a quick screen capture video to illustrate the problem if nothing else.

maybe you don’t have the Planar option enabled?

Hi Erik - when you start a polyline, unless there is a snap, the point will always go to the construction plane - since these can and usually are different per viewport, the view you start drawing in may make a big difference as to where the point falls.


This did it! Thank you so much this saves a lot of time for me!!