Clipping plane - Snapping to the clipping plane edge

Does anyone know if there is a way to be able to snap to the intersection of a clipping plane with a surface or polysurface? I’m trying to accurately dimension the cross section of the cut solids in a clipped perspective view.

Here’s a horrible way of doing it. Make a planar surface as the clipping plane. Then intersect the geometry. Then you may have to explode the intersected curves to get lengths on them. —-Mark

Thank you Mark. I’ll try that. I just wish Rhino would recognize the clipping plane and allow you to snap to the endpoints. It would be very useful. Perhaps a Rhino 7 upgrade? Any thoughts from Rhino developers?

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Hello - a trick to get those curves might be:

! _Intersect _InfinitePlane

Selct the clipping plane, then all the other objects.


It worked without having to explode the curves! Thank you Mark and Pascal.

It would be very useful to be able to snap on the clipping plane edges directly, without any workarounds.

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Hi - I have added your wish to the open item - RH-39927


Thank you @wim
To make it even more useful would be good to add Clipping Plane Edges in the Osnap tab among End, Near, Point, Mid etc.

Hi - I’m not sure about that. I would think that it should work with the regular snaps. If not, you would need a special snap for Clipping Plane Section > Mid, one for Clipping Plane Section > End, etc…

Yes, You’re right.

I was thinking about the situation where there’s, let’s say, a top view and a clipping plane and I would like to snap on some clipping plane edges to measure. So I don’t want to accidentally snap on some endpoint below the clipping plane edge. But I guess this will be avoided anyway because of the Snap to occluded objects - off.

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Hello - In case it helps, End and Mid & Near work on clipping plane edges now.


@pascal, Since SR14? I have 13 and they don’t.

True, I am using an in-house latest build… I’ll try the public SR in a bit. But I am not aware of any changes in that area…


Great, let me know if they work or not. Thanks!

@Bogdan_Chipara - End, Near and Mid osnaps all work here in SR13…


They don’t work here…

@pascal we are talking about different things. I’m talking about snapping on these edges :smiley:


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Any updates on this in Rhino 7? Would be a very useful addition.

Hi -

This is currently being worked on for Rhino 8.
This thread is mentioned in RH-39927 and will be notified when the feature is available for testing in a WIP.

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RH-39927 is fixed in the latest WIP

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