Dimensions display while modelling has dissapeared



A problem which I know can be easily fixed but I’m baffled! Please help~!

Usually there is a box displaying the dimensions of the line you are drawing next to the curser while modelling - changing in real time which helps to estimate the dimensions of the geometry you want accurately- but this box has dissapeared.

Can someone please tell me what this is called and how to go about turning it back on? I have tried going through all the toolbars with no success.


(John Brock) #2

That’s not a default setting but it’s easy to turn on.
Options - Modeling Aids - Cursor Tooltips.
Check “Enable ToolTips” and “Distance”.



Thank you so much

(Margaret Becker) #4

Question: Did you try looking at the Rhino Help? If so, what did you search for? I always like to add index topics and keywords that are missing.