Dimensions are unworthy

Hi, V5,
copy paste a dimension from one file to another, (and I do this to quickly bring in a n annotation type) go zoom selected, nothing shows, only when one draws an object, selects dimension with it then copy paste can one zoom selected, then find where the dimension came in. Dimensions dont count as zoomable selected items.


I think this does apply only for views tangential to the dimension. As in those views the dims are not visible.

In other words to zoom selected on a dimension placed in topview, the view you are zooming from should not be left or front alighned.

Does this make sense?


still plagued with this problem, unable to find a dimension unless its facing me, or its face is visible.
draw a line in top view left to right, in front view its also visible and in side view its a yellow dot !
choose zoom selected and all viewports zoom to accomodate the line.
do this with a dimension and nothing happens.

I have two dims drawn for a door in front view, I see that in perspective view they are not on the door but behind it, sitting on cplane so I need to move them, I need top view to move them to the front surface of the door, yet in top view I cant see them or zoom to them to do so.

Could we please have dimensions act like objects !
I know they are not, and they are unworthy of such a status but we need to see them in various views !

We are being inconvenienced by such.


Hi Steve - you can snap the ‘Move from’ point in any view then switch to Top.
A problem with them showing edge on is it makes selection painful in those views.


Turn on the control points for the dimension(s). Draw a line from one of the root CP’s for the dim, to the point on the door that you want to move them to. Turn off the control points and select the dimensions, then Move them in Top view using the ends of the line you’ve drawn as start and end points for the move.