Bug in selection of Dimensions


weird bug making it impossible to select dimensions when the geometry on the screen i barely visible (like when you look at 2D drawings from the side). All other geometry is possible to select , but not the dimensions.

If I need to post a video showing this behavior - how can I do it ?


Hej Erik -
Please post a 3dm file that shows the problem.
You can simply drag’n’drop a file from Windows Explorer or use the Upload button from the toolbar:


Possibly this issue from here:

Yes, ok. But some things are hard to explain without videos. Is it possible to post screen grab videos as well ?

Yes. If they are smaller than about 10Mb, you can post them directly. Otherwise you will need to upload them somewhere and post a link here.

You can also use something like LiceCap to record .gif files. Works great and is usually much smaller than a video. You can record at like 5fps.

But yeah funny that @wim told me here today that it is known behavior since at least Rhino 5 and now you are the 2nd person to notice it TODAY :smiley:

Hi Erik - dimension objects are not visible and not selectable ‘edge-on’ For better or worse this is by design - is that what you are pointing out?


Definitely worse. There is already a filter for “annotations”, so we can decide not to select dimension objects already.

Once more, since selecting in the viewport is basically our only option, I don’t think something should be excluded that we have no idea is excluded. Is there any way we can tell that even though I drag a selection in a view it will not strictly adhere to the set filters?

Sorry Pascal,

how do you mean “edge-on” ? Can you explain ?


Hej Erik -

In this case, that means looking at something that is infinitively thin from the side.

Coming back to the original post in this thread…

When I create a dimension in the top view, and rotate the perspective view so that the dimension becomes “barely visible”, I can still select it. It’s when it’s “completely invisible” that it becomes impossible to select in that view.

Armin posted a link to a different thread on this topic. This behavior was changed in the Rhino 9 WIP and can be tested there. The developer was very much in doubt about changing this, and a different recent post probably shows that not everybody is going to like this change. It was changed in the WIP so that we can collect feedback…

[…] sometimes you accidentally move lines around without knowing.




I find it deeply illogical that a certain geometry is not selectable when viewed in a certain way. No other objects exhibit that behaviour. To me this is a bug. If you zoom out so that you are 1000 kms from the jewellery objects, it is not visible. But you can still select everything by using a window. Why would dimensions function differently ?


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