Wrong select dimension?

Hi All. a question to know if someone else has seen it before.
I have a strange result when I click outside any object to open a window or crossing … no window or crossing happens and any nearest dimension object is cached instead… this is strange and I have no clues of what is causing this.
I can’t see anything wrong in options or filters or whatever, and this happens inside a running command or just pre-selecting objects to run a command.
Many thanks in advance for any suggestion on addressing this.
Best regards

HI alereboredo - unintentionally selecting dimensions when the selection action is far from the dimension usually, to my knowledge, happens when the scaling for the dimensions is extreme (DocumentProperties > Annotation >Dimensions > Your Dimensions Style > “Model space scale”) is extreme.

Is that the case here?


Hi Pascal:
Many thanks for your quick and helpfull reply.
I thought “it could be…” when I first read your answer, and in fact it could be something alike … but model space scale is 1 in my case. I´ll give a deeper search in options and dimension styles taking your suggestion really in mind because could be a related option or feature…involving scales and display…
i’ll report back here if I can find the cause.
Thanks again.