I’m having an issue with selecting dimensions. In Rhino 5 I could place a dimension in front view and then switch to top view, select with a window rectangle or crossing rectangle and the dimension would be in the selection. In Rhino 6, same dimension in the front plane, can’t select it in top plane. Only exception would be commands _SelDim and _SelAll

I find it confusing that a window / crossing rectangle does not select dimensions.

Hi Martin - as far as I can see this is not the case here…


As I said, that’s confusing.

Any idea what setting could cause this behaviour? Btw annotations are switched on in my display mode.

Ok, I tried again and you’re right about my comment on Rhino 5. Maybe then this is a wish that window / crossing rectangle would select annotations just like it selects curves which are perpendicular to the CPlane